Your New Year’s Eve Wedding in Ireland – 5 Great Ways to Celebrate

I have always loved New Year’s Eve, especially the countdown. For me, the 31st December is about celebrating or saying ‘sayonara’ to the year gone by. It is a day that makes me feel like anything is possible for the year ahead. It brings happiness, hope and a sense of excitement thinking about what lies ahead. Most importantly for me, this day is about being surrounded by the people I love most. So of course I love the idea of a New Year’s Eve Wedding! The countdown on your New Year’s Eve wedding in Ireland is obviously going to be a very important part of the day and we have seen this celebrated in many ways; for example, Balloon Drops and Fireworks.

Here are some other ideas for you to get everyone in the festive spirit to ring in the New Year and your new beginning.

1 – Sparklers

Get everyone to throw on their coats (or provide a few shawls/blankets), and outside to light some sparklers and ring in the new year. You can get some great heart and star shaped sparklers, although even the straight ones are perfect. I love the glitz and glam of this idea – but make sure you check with your venue first. And don’t forget to ask your photographer to get a time lapse capture of you with your sparklers. Sparklers can be purchased in any discount shop or try Ebay.

2 – Confetti Balloons

We have seen balloons make a big comeback in 2017 and I love the confetti filled ones. I have always loved balloons and I really feel (when used right), they can bring the wow factor to any Event or Wedding. Get a bunch of glitter filled balloons and simply Pop ‘em during the countdown! Image Credit: Bon Bon Balloons

3 – DJ Mash-up

Get your DJ to put together a mashup of your favourite songs so that everyone can get their dance on and create a spectacle for the countdown. Depending on the average age, go with whatever will get you the biggest response e.g. hits from the 90’s or from the year gone by!

4 – Prop it up

You can’t have a NYE party without the glitzy props! Have a set of props for each table or bring them out just before midnight to get people into the countdown spirit. You can pick up some great glitter props these days at places like Etsy.  People won’t be able to resist your glitter hats and it will make for some great pics.

5 – Get Projecting

A lot of cities make a huge deal of the countdown and some of the most famous NYE parties have to be New York, Sydney & London. Why not live-stream the countdown and build up from a city in the same time zone? If your wedding is in Ireland, have BBC & Big Ben projecting onto a wall so that you can live stream the action from London. Turn the sound up as it gets closer to midnight for the countdown. That way you also benefit from the buzz and excitement – not to mention effort and investment that has gone into the London NYE fireworks!


Whatever you do for NYE 2018 – enjoy it and take some time to say goodbye to your year gone by and do some prep for a happy, healthy 2019.